AGSFocus is an educational enrichment consulting firm offering services to schools, libraries, tutoring services, and parents of school-aged children. Our mission is to promote and enhance focus, creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking skills among students from pre-k to high school.   The inability to focus and sustain attention can rob our youth of deep knowledge, career accomplishments, peace of mind, and high test scores. Our programs are designed to help students develop the skills and habits essential to focusing, concentrating, and comprehending. Our creative approach to learning includes a range of services from  storytelling to writing to critical thinking and problem solving.

 “Always remember, your focus determines your reality”. 

— Qui-Gon Jinn says to Anakin, Star Wars

With over 10 years experience in teaching and tutoring, we provide effective results for students of all ages in reading, mathematics, writing, and standardized tests.  Our program involves assessing student’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses.   And our instruction emphasizes the importance of our philosophy:   “Learn to FOCUS…FOCUS to Learn”.

Our programs use traditional storytelling, dramatic oral interpretation, and writing a to teach universal values, ethics, and identity.   The techniques promote communication skills and experiential  learning to children and teens, as well as adults.   Programs in this format serve as educational enrichment for special learning events and programs, such as Parent Teacher events, After School Programs, 21st Century Learning Centers, in-services, and Common Core Standards programs.

Inquiring Minds is a STEAM program that focuses on math, science, and critical thinking skills and activities.  We create projects, brainteasers, and contests that encourage critical thinking and problem solving.  These skills and project-based activities are the brain boosters that will stimulate, motivate, and encourage. They are challenging, fun and effective.

HandWrite is a program designed to teach the art of communicating effectively through writing.  This program encourages the effective use of vocabulary, sentence construction and logic in conveying concepts.   “Talk-to-the-Hand” and “Write Right” activities are used to introduce writing skills to children, tweens, and teens.  Emphasis is placed on using graphics, narratives, essays, reports, stories, ads and other written aids.