About the Founder

AGSFocus was founded by Pamela Pruitt-Green, Teacher, Librarian, Author, and Storyteller. Pam has over twenty years in education with a rich background in developing programs for youth. Her book, A Splendid Awakening, is Pam’s second published endeavor to communicate values, faith, hope, and a thirst for learning.

  • Licensed teacher for over 20 years.
  • Experienced instructor, teaching elementary and middle school students.
  • Over 10 years of experience conducting workshops for teachers and students.
  • Creates, writes, and prepares programs and activities, stories, courses, and writings for adults, children, and teens.
  • Certified librarian with over 30 years of experience in the field of library and information science.
  • Grant writing experience
  • Experience in all areas of librarianship: acquisitions, cataloging, circulation, outreach, and reference.
  • Uses storytelling and presentation techniques to educate and instruct children, teens, and adults.
  • Developer of several programs and activities: Homework Helper, Mindfulness Exercises for Students, Solve-The-Math, E = (HM)2 C [Excellence = Help Me Help My Child] : Tips for Parents and Students, Teaching Sudoku Puzzles to Kids, Catch a CAB (Children’s Activity Broadcast), TAB (Teen’s Activity Broadcast), and Talk-To-The-Hand: Graphic Organizer and Activities.
  • Uses storytelling, teaching and library experience to assist children, teens, and adults in enhancing their skills in reading, English, math, science, writing, and critical thinking.
  • Tutor from pre-K to adults in most subject areas.
  • Rewarding to know that I am able to assist others to learn.
  • A writer and a storyteller of her own stories: “Henry Box Brown”, a short story published by the New Day Press (Cleveland, Ohio); “Glimp, the Graefecktin”, a fantasy and character education program; “A Splendid Awakening”, a young adult novel; and many stories told as a storyteller/speaker, such as: Aunt Dicey Tales, Nana Spirals, A Library Song, and Young Gems: Children’s Sermonettes.
  • Uses storytelling and presentation techniques to educate and instruct children, teens, and adults. It is so spiritually uplifting for me to see the joy and laughter that I give to an audience when they listen and interact with me as I tell unique and intriguing stories.
  • Writing is an integral part of A Griot’s Spin. There are two forms of AGS Writing: Nana Spirals and Young Gems.
  • A spiral is a curve or pattern that can represent concentration and focus.  A griot spins stories, starting at a central point then winding out and around, making a beautiful web of ideas and events.  Nana Spirals are stories that promote positive images and values.
  • When a spider spins its web, the morning dew drops resemble radiant jewels hanging on a delicate string. Like the jewels of a spider’s web, Young Gems are radiant stories written to exemplify the magnificent wonders of God.